Electroacoustic Composition, Fixed Media

2.0 Stereo Audio

Duration: 00’30“

World premiere:
(Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic)
June 27, 2017


Gimme 30 sex of peace, please 🙂

Piece info

This piece is based on the specification of lasting exactly 30 seconds and being programmed purely algorithmically.

With the originally pragmatic working title „30-Seconds-piece“ is played: From the short form for seconds to „secs“, phonetically identical with „sex“ and the just as phonetically identical of peace with piece, the title gets another meaning: 30-sex-peace, thus 30 seconds (?) of peace – referring to just exactly these 30 seconds of the duration of the piece.

All those interested in the source code of this piece in SuperCollider can find it here or at Off-Sound/Coding.