My understanding of art is strongly oriented to the classical-antique conception of art as a combination of „techné“ (ancient Greek: skill) and „sophía“ (ancient Greek: wisdom). Like the contest between Apollo and Marsyas from ancient Greek mythology, art is also for me a contest between Apollonian and Dionysian principle, striving for unification. Clarity merges with confusion, reason with passion, ratio with emotio.

Striving to unite these opposing principles, I see myself challenged again and again in my works – after all, they are omnipresent, be it in the interplay between order and chaos, body and soul, rule and rule-breaking, symmetry and asymmetry, matter and energy, or even seriousness and fun.

It may therefore not surprise that I like to flirt with opposites and supposed contradictions again and again. Are contradictions inherently incompatible with each other or merely differentiated ways of looking at one and the same thing?