Audiovisual Composition, Fixed Media

2.0 Stereo Audio, Video

Duration: 7’03“

World premiere:
Online-Streaming-Concert of the IEM Graz
(Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic)
January 27, 2021

Piece info

„Lockdown“ was created – as the title might suggest – during the Corona Lockdown. The strict restrictive social measures taken due to the pandemic, not least the associated restrictions on personal freedom, find their thematic treatment in this piece.

„Locked“ behind facades: a multitude of people, families, animals, destinies, seeking their refuge behind these facades, at the same time striving hopefully towards a new freedom to be attained. Who are the people behind these facades? How much heterogeneity is behind these often homogeneous-looking facades? How transparent are glass facades really?

It does not take a pandemic to shift the focus of observation behind this facade level. How often do we look behind? Into it? Can we see inside? Do we even want to? Or are we in fact inside and want to get out? Break out? The facades literally become the fulcrum of this piece. Time for a paradigm shift?