Juergen Mayer - Schall-Platten-Kondensator Picture
Interactive experimental sound installation, concept piece, sound art

2.0 Stereo Audio

Duration: arbitrary

World premiere:
IEM Graz
(Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic)
June 27, 2019

Piece info

A capacitor for building up an electric field – but in this case a sound field, because the capacitor plates are not electric circuit boards, but sound plates. These literally function as sound-radiating plates that span the sound field.

At the same time, the records that make up the sound plates, stand as a symbol for analog sound storage, just as the capacitor stands as a symbol for the storage of electrical charge – also analog. Furthermore, the two records form the two membranes of a pair of headphones, which in turn stands as a representation of modern pop culture.

Which sounds of pop culture are now stored on the records or in the sound field in between and how are they influenced by entering it?

Move your head in the sound field!

Juergen Mayer - Schall-Platten-Kondensator Headphones Picture
„Headphones“ with Schall-Platten-Kondensator
Juergen Mayer - Schall-Platten-Kondensator Control Panel Picture
Control Panel for Schall-Platten-Kondensator