Electroacoustic Composition, Fixed Media

Ambisonics 5th order Audio

Duration: 7’06“

World premiere:
MUMUTH Graz, György-Ligeti-Hall
June 27, 2016

Spectromorph (stereo version)
Spectromorph (ambisonics-binaural-version)

The title reflects the program. From the additive layering of pure sine tones, complex sounds are being developed whose spectra are subject to continuous transformations.
For this purpose an own additive synthesizer named „Addy“ has been programmed with a total of 500 sinewave generators, which are controlled by means of complex algorithms. The control of the individual partials results in the morphing – the spectral transformation. Additional layering creates a spectral mixture with a density of up to 2000 sine tones. Moreover, by means of ambisonics, the partials or partial groups are emitted from different spatial positions, so that the spectra sound spatially dissociated.

Important note!

Since I can’t assume that you have a 5th order Ambisonics system, it’s not possible to listen to the original piece here. Nevertheless, to get an impression of it, I offer the piece here in two different alternative versions:

  • Ambisonics-Binaural-Version
  • Stereo-Downmix-Version

For optimal fidelity please use headphones! Otherwise you will most likely not be able to hear the low frequencies especially at the beginning of the piece!

Piece info