Electroacoustic Composition, Fixed Media

2.0 Stereo Audio

Duration: 7’32“

World premiere:
(Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic)
January 28, 2016


The sonic material for this piece comes largely from underwater recordings made by means of an underwater camera. These „spaceless“ sounds are contrasted with those of a vibrating spiral spring, which excites the air in a resonator via a membrane, which provides the spatial character and atmosphere of the piece. In addition, sonic material is used that imitates or parodies various aspects of the underwater recordings to further explore the interplay between resonance and resonancelessness.
As the piece progresses, the first-person perspective of perception increasingly comes to the fore, finding expression in the audible vital functions (heartbeat and breathing). Thus the piece describes temporally an ever deeper immersion – on the one hand in water – and in sound – on the other hand in one’s own body, whose main component is also water. But also the air must not be neglected…
So, let’s now take a breath together and submerge.

Piece info

This piece was realized exclusively with concrete sounds.