Uran 235

Uran 235 is a subtractive software synthesizer that I created some time ago with Native Instruments Reaktor®. You can download the synth either directly from here or from the Native Instruments Reaktor Community download page.

Synth specifications

Synthesizer with 3 Oscillators, 3 routable Envelopes (2x AHDSR, 1x Time/Level), 2 LFOs, Multimode-Filter, Osc-Sync, Simple-FM, Chorus, Delay and Modulation Matrix

Have fun with it! 😀

Juergen Mayer - Uran 235 Synth Picture
Uran 235

Download „Uran 235“ directly from here

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To the „Uran 235“ download page (Native Instruments Reaktor Community)